Shearing Shed Renovation

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Shearing Shed Renovation

Shearing Shed Renovation, or converting an existing shed into a shearing shed is a viable and sometimes more suitable alternative to building a new shed from scratch. At Higgins building Contractors we have the experience of 14 years in the renovation business to draw from and will work with you to review your current shearing set up, to understand what you need done to extend the working life of your current shed.  

The things you will need to consider are:

  Cost of repairs & maintenance, to keep your current shed running How does your efficiency compare with other farmers? Time lost in break-downs Hazards that could be eliminated in your current shed Is there enough natural light in your shed? Is there adequate ventilation? Does your current shearing shed meet today’s health & Safety standards? Are your workers at risk? Is your shed compliant in animal welfare? Is your shed or barn too far gone? If so a new shearing shed is the answer. Find out more here New Shearing Sheds

Your needs come first

There may be only a few minor adjustments that need to be made in order to bring your shearing shed up to standard. If this is the case we can have the work scheduled and complete very quickly and your old shed will be restored and looking like new. If more extensive renovations are required we will work with you to ensure everything is completed to your satisfaction and your shearing shed is operating at its optimum efficiency as quickly as possible. The high standard of our work means that you restoration will revive and restore your shed back to its former glory and help you to get those much needed efficiency gains.

What can you budget for your shearing shed re-fit?

At Higgins Building Contractors we will partner with you to give you the best possible value within the budget you have set. Please also talk to us about the flexible finance options we can offer to help you with your cash flow. ring this numbers to discuss finance options 0422 046 423

Why Re-fit my existing shearing shed?

Modern techniques and equipment have enabled stock farmers to handle greater numbers of sheep in a shorter period of time. This of course means their shearing operations are more cost effective and they are ultimately more competitive. Wear and tear and the age of equipment can impact your production and contribute to poor or unsafe working conditions. Old equipment can also affect livestock adversely.   Broken equipment and waiting for parts or repair can have a serious impact on your ability to process sheep and cattle efficiently and the disruption means lost money. Poor lighting and ventilation in your old shed can also have a long-term impact, reducing motivation and increasing sick days.   So, reviving your old shearing shed is a cost effective solution, improves health and safety for workers and stock and can give you long term cost benefits.  

Locations Served

  If you have a shearing Shed in need of refitting and you are located in any of these areas call us today and find out why our customers love the work we do: South Australia | Mid north South Australia | York peninsula | Eyre Peninsula | Victoria | Wimmera district | Western NSW | Fleurieu Peninsula | Broken Hill | Mildura | Coonawarra | South east South Australia | Mt Gambier | Bordertown | Murray Mallee |Kangaroo Island.