New Shearing Sheds


New Shearing Sheds for Better Efficiency and Safety

With help and advice from Higgins Building Contractors your new shed will
  • improve efficiency,
  • provide a safer working environment for your shearers and
  • contribute to animal safety and welfare.
A new shearing shed is a big commitment in both time and money.  So you want to work with someone you can trust to understand your needs and deliver the right solution for your business. Our Shearing Sheds are all built to Australian standards.

Heaps of Shearing Sheds and Rural Construction Experience

We have 14 years experience in building and construction in rural communities. 5 years really getting to understand the needs and requirements of farmers who handle livestock such as sheep and cattle. We have put together a range of pre-tested shearing shed designs that will meet the needs of most wool farmers.  Any Questions Ring NOW: 0422 046 4232

You May Know Some of the Wool Farmers We have Built Sheds For

We have completed some great projects in the last 5 years and have many satisfied customers. Our Jobs List

Gary West, Parndana, Kangaroo Island, S.A.

Chris Miles, Naracoorte, South East, S.A.

Mulloorie Stud, Paul Myer, Clare, Mid North, S.A.

John Day, Two Wells, Northern Adelaide, S.A.

Paul Pridham, Francis, South East, S.A.

Gunallo Stud, Ray Schroeder, Pinnaroo, Mallee, S.A.

Wintong Station, Phillip Pippin, Balranald, N.S.W.

David Reede, Curramulka, Yorke Peninsula, S.A.

Dianne Morgan, Yorketown, Yorke Peninsula, S.A.

Jim Younghusband, Powlett Plains, Victoria

Paul Giles, Willunga, Southern Adelaide, S.A.

Glenlea Park, Peter Wallis, Pinnaroo, Mallee, S.A.

Phillip Clark, Naracoorte, South East, S.A.

Roger Clift, Sheoak Flat, Yorke Peninsula, S.A.

Trevor Mulraney, Edenhope, Western Vic.

Vicki Morotto, Robe, South East, S.A.

Roger Collins, Corny Point, Yorke Peninsula, S.A.

Colin Ross, Kapunda, Barossa Valley, S.A.

Ben Zander, Eden Valley, Barossa Valley,S.A

Bill Rich, Gorke, Mallee, Vic.

Booleroo Centre High School, Southern Flinders Rangers, S.A.

David Slade, Geranium, Mallee, S.A.

Glenville Stud, Barry Smith, Cowell, Eyre Peninsula, S.A.

Gumvale Station, Craig Hotchin, Tibooburra, North West N.S.W.

Ken Maas, Warooka, Yorke Peninsula, S.A.

Kevin Hynam, Hopetoun, Mallee, Vic.

Len Hill, Hallett, Mid North, S.A.

Michael Altus, Lameroo, Mallee, S.A.

Michael Mattei, Naracoorte, South East, S.A.

Nigel Kassebaum, Kimba, Eyre Peninsula, S.A.

Lampata, Bruce Pocock, Lameroo, Mallee, S.A.

Yawong, Craig Watts, Charlton, Vic.

Alaman, Mark Delfabbro, Lucindale, South East, S.A.

Top Hut Station, Tom Wakefield, Mungo, N.S.W.

Rod Pilgrim, Bordertown, Tatiara, S.A.

Wirryilka, Tony Hilder, Menindee, N.S.W

Francis Beinke, Cowell, Eyre Peninsula, S.A.

Brian Phelps, Cummins, Eyre Peninsula, S.A.

Roger Strong, Gawler, S.A.

Matt Heindrich, Bordertown, Tatiara, S.A.

Andrew Smith, Loxton, Riverland, S.A.

Ben Stark, Naracoorte, South East, S.A.

Tim Trescowthick, Holbrook, Southern N.S.W.

Depot Springs, Geoff Mengersen, Northern Flinders Rangers, S.A.

Kerry Walker, Lameroo, Mallee, S.A.

Myora Farms, Tom Braun, Mt Gambier, South East, S.A.

Phillip Locke, Holbrook, Southern N.S.W.

Phillip Wilsdon, Gulnare, Mid North, S.A.

Trevor Allen, Yorketown, Yorke Peninsula, S.A.

North Ashrose Stud, Tom Ashby, Gulnare, Mid North, S.A.

Cove Station, Ricky Miles, Kaniva, Western Vic.

Mt Sturt Station, Tibooburra, N.S.W

  See some of our work in the New Shearing Shed Gallery

Shearing Shed Design Options

We have developed a range of shearing sheds designed to suit every need and a range of shed options to cater for livestock numbers from the smallest flock to the largest.
  • Raised Board or Flat Board
  • Straight or Curved Design
  • Chute Release or Return Race
  • Timber or Concrete Wool Room or Combination of both
  • Range of Grating Options best suited to Local Conditions
  • Timber or Steel Pen Work
  • Sloping Catch Pens
  • Concrete External Ramps
  • Front Fill Pens
  • Safety Hand Rail to front of Raised Board
Here are some of our standard design options We have a standard designs in:
  • 2 stand
  • 3 stand
  • 4 stand sheds and
  • we will build any size up to a 15 stand shed.
Ring NOW: 0422 046 4232

Choice of Pen Styles

Designs are available with a choice of catch pen styles:
  • Back Fill Pens
  • Front Fill Pens
  • Front Fill Races
  • Across The Board
  • Let-out Races

Wool Bins

  • Standard size 2400mm high x 1200mm wide x 1200mm deep
  • Can be custom made to any size
Options include: –
  • Permanent (fixed in place)
  • Flat pack kit form. (can be stacked away when not in use)
  • Individual Bins on Wheels

Shearing Board Designs

  • Flat Board
  • Raised Board with timber Wool Floor
  • Raised Board with concrete Wool Floor

Customized designs to suit your unique situation & requirements

For situations where existing yards, terrain or access have to be considered. We will modify our standard designs to suit. Sizes of wool floors and pen areas can also be modified to suit either sheep holding capacity or wool storage needs.

Delivering the Shed you need

At Higgins we take the time and care to understand what each customers special needs and requirements are. We will review with you your current shearing shed layout and design and get to understand what is good about your shed and what needs to be improved to give you the outcome you need. Whether that is an increase in shearing numbers, better efficiency, safer working conditions, better livestock comfort or any combination, Higgins will deliver what you need. We understand just how important your shearing arrangements are and are totally dedicated to giving you the best solution for your particular needs. We are here to help: 0422 046 4232

Sheds Built To Last

Only the best will do for our Shed and Barn customers. At Higgins we use only quality materials for our new Sheep Shearing Sheds and Barns. They are built to withstand the harsh Australian rural environment and to handle the wear and tear of a busy working building.

Site Preparation for Your New Shed Construction

Your new shearing shed needs to go in the most convenient and practical location possible for you and your business. At Higgins building Contractors we will carry out the site survey, leveling and surfacing to ensure that the site is prepared to a high standard.

Full project Management

We will mange the full project for you from site selection right the way through to fit out, liaising with all contractors and any other personnel on your behalf.

 New Shearing Shed Design Features

  • Sheds are built to ensure the safety of shearers and other shearing staff.
  • Animal safety is also carefully considered and implemented
  • Safety hand rail to front of raised board
  • We can construct curved and straight Layouts
  • Raised board or flat board
  • Chute release or return race designs
  • Various grating and pen work options chosen to suit local conditions
  • Front fill pens

  • Sloping catch pens
  • Timber or steel pen work
  • Various wool bin options available
  • Wall shutters and vent ridge implementation for optimal air flow to shearing and work areas
  • Solid concrete base external ramps
  • Count out pens
  • Timber or concrete wool room or a combination of both
  • We ensure correct shed orientation
  • Poly Carbonate wall lighting used to eliminate direct sunlight on the shearing board.

Your Shearing Teams Health & Safety

Sheep and shearing can present many hazards for farm workers. That’s why we also carefully plan all  working areas,  with safe work practices In mind.
  • Our Shearing Sheds are designed carefully to minimise accidents:
  • Ensuring smooth stock flow into the shed to reduce the risk of crushing and collisions.
  • Minimising the amount of lifting needed.
  • Using non-slip surfaces to avoid falls and slips.
  • Safety cut off switches are installed on shearing plant and wool presses.
  • Guards fitted on shearing gear, wool presses and grinders.
  • Lift or slide swing gates are available.
  • Our Sheds are also well lit, minimise direct sunlight to reduce heat and are very well ventilated.
If you have an existing shed that needs updating then please consider our Shearing Shed Renovation Service

Locations serviced for New Shearing Sheds

South Australia | Mid north South Australia | York peninsula | Eyre Peninsula | Victoria | Wimmera district | Western NSW | Fleurieu Peninsula | Broken Hill | Mildura | Coonawarra | South east South Australia | Mt Gambier | Bordertown | Murray Mallee | Kangaroo Island.